Teacher's Quiz

Evaluate Your Autism Knowledge

Welcome!  If you’re here you must be looking for ways to take your classroom experience with a child on the autism spectrum to the next level.  No matter where you are on your path, we're glad you’re here. 

Please complete the Teacher's Quiz below.  Each section represents an important element for creating the results you desire- a better teaching experience with a child with ASD. In just 4 minutes you’ll discover two things:

  1. Where you are on track toward working successfully with children on the autism spectrum.
  2. What areas you need to focus on to become a more powerful, intentional, and successful teacher for a child with autism (while creating a happy classroom).

After taking the assessment, check your inbox right away. You’ll receive your resulting score and some important next steps based on where you are today.

0-3 = I have not addressed this at all 
4 -6= I have given this some attntion
7 -9= I am ding really well in this area
10 = I have totally mastered this area.

I. How his /her brain is different.

1. I have effective strategies for calming a child with autism in my classroom.

2. I understand first-hand, the experience of sensory overload.

3. I know the types of things that can trigger a child with autism.

4. I understand the relationship between the neurology of the autistic brain and the resulting behavior.

II. Interpreting behavior.

1. I clearly understand why children with autism behave anti-socially.

2. I know the reasons behind the child's inability to understand consequences.

3. I know with certainty if a child with autism is manipulating me or not.

4. I know what it means if I see a child with autism stimming.

III. Strategies to teach a child with ASD.

1. I know how to structure tests and quizzes to support the child with ASD.

2. I know how to make sure that the child with ASD is understanding material I am teaching.

3. I know the importance of using visuals to teach a child with ASD, and I have the visuals I need.

4. I am flexible wtih the homework a child with ASD completes and turns in.

IV. Communicating with a child with autism.

1. I understand that children with autism are motivated differently.

2. I know how to consistently motivate a child on the spectrum to participate in class.

3. I recognize that children with autism don't infer information from the environment.

4. I realize that a child with ASD often does not understand abstract concepts, and I know what to do about it.

V. Classroom management when a child with autism is present.

1. I know how to manage the classroom when I have a child with ASD to maintain a calm atmosphere.

2. I know how to use 1 classroom approach that serves the child with asd and all the other students as well.

3. I have specific signals set up to allow the student with ASD to ask for a break when needed.

4. I never single out the child with ASD or make them feel different.

VI. Committment Level

1. I am ready to discover my next steps and take action immediately to become an autism-savvy teacher!

2. I am open to investing in an online course in which I can earn CEU's, PDU's or Graduate Credit.

3. I highly value the opportunity to view a demonstration of the teacher training.

4. I would like to receive a syllabus of the course and a follow up call to discuss pricing.

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